One of the biggest questions we get is
"What does LoveMonkey actually do to help widows or single parents?"

Here is a story that illustrates precisely what we do.

Darlene, a widow living near Dayton, OH, called us because she had a number of small projects she needed done around her home.  She was hesitant to ask us for too much help, but listed three projects in her home that she could not do on her own...changing some light bulbs she could not reach, hanging a stick-on motion light to the ceiling of her garage, and moving some furniture in her living room.

Believe it or not, most of the things we do for widows or single parents can

be done with no special skills in less than an hour.

LoveMonkey sent a team of two people from a participating church nearby to respond to Darlene's needs. In less than 30 minutes all three projects were completed.  Darlene's needs were met because she had a local number she could call to get help from a church in her area who had volunteers ready to serve the widows and single parents in their community.

Three other common questions we get about LoveMonkey Ministries are:

What kinds of jobs do you do?
Our goal is to help widows and single parents with the things that many of us are doing every day in our own homes, but that are sometimes difficult for widows and single parents do accomplish on their own.  Our most common jobs involve yard-work, simple household repairs, and cleaning.  We also can provide a wide variety of other simple services from transportation to grocery stores or doctor's appointments to tutoring children.  All of this is done at no cost to our clients. None of the jobs we do require specialized training or advanced skills.  They are the kinds of things most any of us can do for our neighbors.

How is the church involved?
The work we do is carried out by volunteers from area churches who want serve the people right in their own neighborhoods. Churches share their time, talents, and treasures with with us by partnering with us in ministry.  By working with us, churches benefit by having a structure and plan in place to serve their communities, and they get to live out their faith by serving the needs and developing relationships with the people in their own backyards.

Where did the name LoveMonkey come from?
Jesus said the greatest commandment was to love God and love your neighbor.  That command is the very core of what being a Christian is all about.  As Jesus followers, the command to LOVE God and your neighbor becomes the "MONKEY on the back" of every believer.  It is the inescapable, primary purpose of all Christians. Not a burden to carry, but an act of worship.

Darlene, that widow near Dayton, OH, has now developed a relationship with Christians from her local church who are there for her when she needs it.  And she knows that this relationship is simply because of their love for her and for Jesus.

We need partners like you, so that we can continue developing relationships between the church and widows like Darlene, allowing both to experience what it means to Love God and Love your Neighbor.


3 ways to support LoveMonkey Ministries

Please consider becoming a monthly supporter of LoveMonkey Ministries or leaving a one-time gift. You can donate securely online through Paypal by using the link here on our website or by mailing donations to              ​LoveMonkey Ministries

114 Marbrook Dr.

Kettering, OH 45429 

LoveMonkey is a registered 501c3 charity and your donations are tax deductible. 

Get your church involved.  LoveMonkey can not do what it does without church partners. We can only help where we have churches who will partner with us.  If you are near the Dayton area, or have connections with churches in the Dayton area, tell your church leaders about what we do. We are actively looking to add more churches to our network.

Most importantly, PRAY for us.  This is one of the most important ways you can help our ministry.  Please pray for the widows and single parents we serve, pray for wisdom and strength and joy for our leaders, and pray for new churches to come alongside of us, giving us the opportunity to serve more people.

Will you join us?