Pumpkin Spice, Football, and all things Fall 

For many of you, fall means one thing…Pumpkin Spice.
Pumpkin spice lattes are the best-selling drink ever created at Starbucks.  Not content with conquering America’s coffee cups, the pumpkin spice takeover continues to expand every year. 
There are pumpkin spice Cheerios.  There are pumpkin spice Oreos. 

There are pumpkin spice Organic Kale Chips.
At our house fall is not about pumpkins, it is about football.  We are big fans of the Florida Gators, the Ohio State Buckeyes, and the Cincinnati Bengals. Any fall weekend means making time to watch at least one, and usually all three, of these teams play.  Nothing better than a couch, a pair of sweatpants, a comfy blanket, and “Hang on Sloopy” providing the background music to another Ohio State victory over “that team up north”.
For LoveMonkey Ministries, fall is an exciting and busy time.  Not only do we tend to have a lot of requests for services as people finish up their summer projects and start preparing for the winter ahead, but it also is an important time for planning for next year and putting the finishing touches on our year end fundraising campaign.

As you enjoy a football game with your pumpkin spice latte in hand…or whatever it is that YOU do to celebrate the fall season…I hope that LoveMonkey Ministries comes to mind.  If it does, please take a moment to pray through at least one of these four things:

What widows or single parents are in my neighborhood, and how can I show them that Jesus loves them this week?
What ways might God be calling me to help with LoveMonkey Ministries now or in the year to come?
Who do I know that I should tell about LoveMonkey Ministries.  A neighbor? A co-worker? A church leader? A philanthropist?
Is the ministry of LoveMonkey something God might be calling me to support financially as part of my charitable giving?We hope to spend the next couple of months communicating with you more frequently, sharing the story of what God has done, and Lord willing, where we hope to go from here.  We hope your fall serves both as a reminder of what God is doing, and as an indicator of what is to come. 

Thanks for joining us on the journey.


Director's Blog

by Kevin Beavon

                                     Pray, Eat, Love Evangelism

One of the basic concepts we have at LoveMonkey Ministries is that our work needs to be something that nearly anybody can do.  We try not to take on projects that require special talents or training, because we want to engage as many people as possible in ministry. We want to show people that “evangelism” (proclaiming the Good News about Jesus) can be done by all of us, every day.
In 2006, there was a best-selling novel (and later, a movie) called Eat, Pray, Love that chronicled a woman’s journey of self-discovery or, as part of the subtitle put it, “One woman’s search for everything…”

We believe that in Jesus, we have found everything. 
With that in mind, let me suggest a model for evangelism that I call Pray, Eat, Love Evangelism.
Pray. Recognize the truth that God is already working all around you.
Pray that God would reveal how, and what your role is in His plan today.

Eat.  (my favorite). Have a meal with somebody.  Invite them to your cubicle, your favorite restaurant, or your house.  There is a reason food is the main attraction at nearly every social function…sharing a meal just has a way of breaking down barriers and establishing relationships.

Love. If faith without works is dead, then sharing the love of Christ does, at some point, require action.    Dr. Gary Chapman described 5 ways we give and receive love in his book The Five Love Languages.  Start with using the one you like, and work toward using other kinds as you get to better know the people you are caring for.

Words of affirmation:  a kind word that builds people up can be incredibly powerful. Especially when spoken face to face in a world where we have more communication tools than ever, yet less real conversation.  Please. Thank You. What a pretty dress. Your yard looks awesome.  Nice car. I appreciated it when you…  You really have been working hard at…
Quality time: Eating was a start.  Maybe an invite to to the gym, a ballgame, or the mall is an easy way to show you care.  Could be as simple as 5 minutes in the breakroom engaged in conversation instead of your phone.
Gifts:  a candy bar, flowers, a soda, extra vegetables from your garden.  At its most basic, gift giving means “I thought about you today”.
Touch:  a simple handshake can begin to break down barriers as it establishes a connection.  A pat on the back or simple hug can be just what somebody needed to get through the day.
Acts of service: This is the one LoveMonkey Ministries is built around.  Strange though how we have seen that all the other ones here have been just as important and appreciated to the clients we serve.

What are some ways you’ve shared Christ with others? I’d love to know — perhaps they would help us where we are serving now.  Email me at kevin@lovemonkey.org!

Finding a great partner

Every once in a while, we come across an idea that just makes so much sense, we wonder why it hasn't been done before.  This week, LoveMonkey is launching a new ministry partnership with Homesown.org.

If you are in the market to buy or sell a home, we hope you will consider reaching out to

Homesown.org to find a Trusted Local Agent to help you through the process. 

When you choose an agent through Homesown.org, you can help LoveMonkey at the same time.

Here's how it works.​​

Homesown.org is an innovative business devoted to funding faith-based, Christ-centered nonprofits through income generated from real estate transactions.

HomeSown.org partners with local, faith-based, Christ-centered, nonprofit organizations like 

LoveMonkey MInistries to help generate much-needed funding through selling and/or buying real estate.

Whether buying or selling a home, you can visit HomeSown.org, select LoveMonkey Ministries as your charity of choice, and register to be connected to a Trusted Local Real Estate Agent.

The Trusted Local Agent will work with you to help you sell and/or buy a home.
Upon closing, HomeSown.org makes a donation to LoveMonkey Ministries in your name.

                             To find out more or to get started, click here: 


A few weeks ago, I took a quick Facebook poll, asking people to fill in the blank.
“________  Yourself.”
It was so interesting to see the responses.  I think we can learn a lot about how we view ourselves and the world around us when we try to fill in this blank.

There were responses that encouraged us to be confident in who we are:

  • Be Yourself, Accept Yourself, Be good to Yourself

Responses that challenged us to something greater:

  • Ask Yourself, Define Yourself, Challenge Yourself

Responses that showed a strong sense of self-reflection:

  • Take pride in Yourself, Be honest with Yourself, Stop judging Yourself

And responses that reflected our spirituality:

  • Forgive Yourself, Share Yourself, Humble Yourself

Not surprisingly, the most repeated response was “Love Yourself”.  The one that gave me the most pause was “Deny Yourself”… a quote from Jesus himself. 
I am still wrestling with how these two truths are supposed to interact with each other.

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is that, for a brief moment, most of the world pauses and begins to think a little less about our own needs, and a little more about those around us.  The world becomes a little less about “self” and a little more about “others”.

If I could add my own answer to the fill-in-the-blank question, it would be this…Think Outside Yourself.

One of the things my family has done for the last couple of years is to make cookies for every house on our block.  It isn’t much, but we give each house a half dozen homemade sugar cookies and a note to say Merry Christmas.  It has been a small, simple way to introduce ourselves to our neighbors and to share a little holiday cheer with some folks who might not get it otherwise.  What surprised us was the heartfelt notes and thank you’s that we received back from our neighbors who couldn’t believe that somebody was thinking of them this year and would go out of their way to reach out to them.

You might not be able to bake, but you probably have some other skill or gift that you could share with the people around you.  You don’t necessarily need to do something for everyone on your block, but maybe you could find a way to reach out to your office staff, or your classmates, or to that one lady that you know who lives alone up the street.

This holiday season is a chance to “think outside yourself”.  I would love to hear what you are doing.  Even better, take a picture of yourself in action, and send us a “think outside yourselfie”.  
Post it on your social media page to get the conversation started with your own friends, family, and followers.  Or email it to me at kevin@lovemonkey.org.

Be sure to use the hashtags 
#thinkoutsideyourselfie and #lovemonkey when posting on social media.

Can't wait to see how YOU "think outside yourself" this holiday season!.