For the whole law can be summed up in this one command…                                                                                                                   “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Galatians 5:14 NLT

LoveMonkey Ministries exists to connect the Church with the widows and single parents in their own communities, for support with everyday tasks.

Our Vision is that widow and single parent needs are taken care of by the churches in their community.

As a result,

  • Families are assisted both physically and spiritually in a safe, loving environment.
  • Christians get to “live out” their faith by serving identified needs in their own back yards, and by forming relationships with those that they serve.
  • Churches benefit by having a structure and plan in place to serve in their communities, and they also have a way to begin a discipleship and evangelism relationship.
  • Communities are strengthened by working together to resolve needs.
  • Christ is glorified as the church carries out His command to love our neighbors.

LoveMonkey provides its Ministry Partners with the following:

  • Personal visits with the church or ministry team to explain the program
  • Dedicated contact point for clients
  • Screening of potential clients for need
  • Checklist of materials/personnel needed to perform work
  • Limited financial assistance to provide needed materials
  • Scheduling of services
  • Limited insurance protection
  • Advertising as a Ministry Partner on LoveMonkey’s website and other materials
  • Brochures that are customizable to your organization
  • Up to ten T-shirts or vests for volunteers to identify themselves to their clients


  • LoveMonkey Ministries is, without a doubt, one of the most thoughtful and intentional groups we have worked with. Their mission to enter into the everyday lives of the people in our community has helped us as a church to be intentional about meeting the needs around us.  Thanks to LoveMonkey, we are making an impact for God.  - Stew Sheckler, Pastor of Strategy, Beavercreek Christian Church

  • Our congregation wants to align our resources to a community initiative that primarily supports single parents and/or widows.  Working with LoveMonkey Ministries is a very positive experience.  We feel confident we can help our community become better Christians and achieve the admonition of Jesus to "love your neighbor" - Ron Jauss, LoveMonkey Ministries Volunteer, New Apostolic Church

  • LoveMonkey Ministries has done several jobs for me.  I have always been pleased with the work.              I have recommended LoveMonkey to all my widow friends with the assurance that they will also be pleased with the work, and that they also will feel very safe.                                                                                I LOVE the Christian concept of this ministry! - Darlene, LoveMonkey Ministries Client

  • James wrote "Religion that God our Father accepts as true and faultless is this; to look after orphans and widows in their distress..."  LoveMonkey Ministries is doing just that.  They are also bringing churches together to fill these needs, therefore also answering Jesus' prayer for the body to come together, working in unity.  Fulfilling God's Word in these ways, and showing God's love in a practical way, is why it is my honor and delight to give to LoveMonkey Ministries. - Toni, LoveMonkey Donor

For more information about partnering with LoveMonkey in your OWN community,

please email